Spoke at PyCon India 2014 held at Bengaluru, and presented on the topic 'Neo4j and Python: Playing with Graph data' - giving insights into how you can leverage the power of Graph Databases using the flexibility of python to build amazing applications on connected data.

Spoke at PyCon India 2013 held at Bengaluru on the topic 'Real Time stream computations on graphs using Storm, Neo4j and Python - focussing on using pystorm and py2neo to setup a distributed graph processing system.

Gave a talk at Construkt Festival 2015 held at World Trade Centre, Bengaluru, highlighting the effective reasons that cause a strtup or venture to fail and what might help entrepreneurs.

A small fraction of me is, was and will be a quizzer always. This slide was my first stint at being a quiz master. Techical and Business are my domains of interest.